Water Treatment

How is your water treatment system working for you?  With a little help, Softeners, Mixed beds, R.O.’s and Multi-Media Filters can show a large increase in throughput and efficiency.  In some cases as much as %300.

This means reduced chemical costs and wear on mechanical equipment.  Think about having your water system controls checked, upgraded or replaced and start saving on chemical, downtime and media costs.

Also, ask about custom water treatment skids fitted to your application by Montana Controls.  We can integrate your new equipment with your old for superior efficiency and systematic operation.

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Bad Control Loop or Bad Instrumentation

Before you try to tune that loop…

Many operators find themselves in a situation where their control loop is swinging around excessively.   Where just last month things were working nicely, now your regularly lifting a safety valve of scrapping a batch of product; your first reaction may be “It’s a logic problem”…  More often then not, your wrong.  Adjusting PID parameters in this situation may cause more problems than it fixes.  Before diving into your tuning parameters consider checking your hardware.  Maybe your primary flow element is showing signs of wear, or your pressure transmitter is out of calibration.  These are good starting points, but an even more common problem is the valve positioner is not working as well as it could be.  Check for worn feedback linkage, and leaky pneumatic components…  Consider Montana Controls for a free control loop checkup.  Contact Us